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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


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Exclusive — TheVeganKind CEO Scott McCulloch: ‘We made a leap into the unknown’

Ahead of the supermarket's first own-brand product launch, TheVeganKind co-founder Scott McCulloch talks the new warehouse and comparisons to Amazon. If you’re vegan, there’s little...

Exclusive: Meet the women urging Kamala Harris to go vegan

Members of the JIVINITI coalition explain why they’re petitioning the US vice president to go plant-based, and what its global implications are. It took Americans...

Why veganism can be associated with classism

Veganism can often be classist, as low-income families struggle to afford specialty foods and keep up with this evergrowing movement. In a recent article, I...

Goonj’s Vaapsi: restoring India’s rural economy by promoting green living

Amid a global pandemic, Indian NGO Goonj is helping the rural and vulnerable communities of India earn a green and sustainable livelihood. The coronavirus pandemic’s...

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