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Monday, August 2, 2021

Data Driven Social Media Marketing For Vegan Businesses

We combine on-site and off-site data to develop the perfect audiences for your brand.

Our social media advertising services help vegan businesses to generate tangible results. We use our website insights to develop key audiences for your brand and connect your products or services to thousands of people most likely to interact and convert. Our social media advertising services will allow you to go beyond your brand’s reach and connect with new audiences efficiently.


  1. Pre-discovery 
Our team works with you to identify key opportunities for your brand and what you would like to achieve.
2. Strategy 
Based on our pre-discovery findings we create a step-by-step strategy for your campaign. This will include
3. Content Creation

Our in-house content team will develop all the written and visual content outlined in your brand’s strategy.

4. Test

We create a range of creative and copy variations to soft-test which ads and messaging will convert the best for your brand. During this time we also run ads to specific articles that coincide with your brand to develop your audiences.

5. Launch

Once testing is completed, we ramp up your brand’s advertising. During this time, we ensure optimum output to achieve your objectives.

6. Reporting

Weekly reports are created and sent to your team with easy-to-read analytics, and in-depth analysis.



We developed an effective campaign to help launch iHeartpizza , the first Dutch vegan frozen pizza brand.

Pizzas sold in 2-weeks
Email subscribers
Average newsletter CTR


What results can I expect?
We focus on website traffic and conversions. During pre-discovery we will analyse how much traffic your website is receiving and the potential results of our campaign.

Are there any setup fees?
We charge a flat fee to manage your campaign from end-to-end.There is no additional setup costs or any potential hidden fees.

How long does it take to get started?
We typically get a campaign up-and-running within 2-weeks of our pre-discovery session.

How long does a campaign typically run for?
Our campaigns run for between 8 – 12 weeks. We can however work with your brand on a long-term basis.

What are the costs?
We charge a flat fee for each campaign. You will never incur any unexpected costs. Your advertising budget is dependent on your goals, but we recommend between £500 – £2,500 per month.

Do we have to provide you with content?
No. Our team will develop all the content needed to successfully run your campaign.

How can I ensure your ads will represent my business?
You and your team will have full access to all content before it is pushed out to the world.

How can we keep track of your work?
We will send you weekly reports including dashboards and an action plan for the coming week.