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Olivia Rafferty

Olivia is the Assistant Editor of The Vegan Review. An aspiring Middle Eastern correspondent currently studying journalism at City, University of London, she is passionate about the planet, she believes veganism is the first step to solving the complexities of climate change.

The importance of community as a vegan

Veganism can be a lonely place sometimes. Aaron Frid, founder of The Vegan Switch, is developing a space for people to transition safely and...

Why mushrooms are the answer to all our problems

From plant-based meat to vegan leather, our most holistic cures to the building bricks of our homes, mushrooms, or mycelium, could help save the...

Food waste campaigner Matt Homewood: ‘I have to disrupt the system’

After moving to Denmark for its green reputation, Matt Homewood uncovered the country’s food waste-filled dumpsters. Today, he’s fighting for systemic change. A couple of...

Q&A with Green Queen Sonalie Figueiras

Sonalie Figueiras, founder and editor-in-chief of media platform Green Queen, on the effects of turning plant-based, Hong Kong’s food industry and pesto. Sonalie Figueiras founded...

Vegan nutrition brand pledges to plant a tree for every product sold

Plant-based nutrition brand Raw Sport has partnered with tree-planting collective Ecologi, ensuring a tree is planted for every product sale — not every order. Dean...

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