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Thursday, May 13, 2021


Chloë Morgan

Chloë is a recent English graduate from Loughborough University. She tries to use her writing to raise awareness of important issues in an attempt to help others. Her passions lie in social justice, mental health and sustainability. After taking part in 'Veganuary', she developed an interest in veganism and recently went vegan. She is also trying to boycott fast fashion as much as possible by shopping second-hand and more sustainably.

The differing vegan diet: plant-based meat vs whole foods

Chick’n, facon, turkee — sales of meat alternatives have soared in recent years, but what are their positives and negatives compared to whole foods? With...

Why veganism can be associated with classism

Veganism can often be classist, as low-income families struggle to afford specialty foods and keep up with this evergrowing movement. In a recent article, I...

The pursuit of perfect veganism

With veganism on the rise, it makes us question: what does it mean to be the perfect vegan? And is being perfect what veganism...

The problem with Pretty Little Thing’s ‘penny sale’

Black Friday brought countless sales. Pretty Little Thing’s Pink Friday ‘penny sale’ stood out from the rest, but for all the wrong reasons. November 27...

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